Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Little update

Just thought I would give a little update as to what we have been up to lately. Life continues to be good- we are both working and trying to find fun things to fill our time together with. We seem to be seeing alot of movies lately, but it's fun! Good movies we would recommend: the new Indiana Jones movie, and Kung Fu Panda. We thought they were good! Kung Fu Panda has Jack Black in it- so vic it's not a recommendation for you! This past week I had an opportunity to plan a conference for a group of publishers that were coming in for a 2 day training. I was able to make the agenda, plan all the food and activities, as well as give an hour presentation on what I do for the company. At first I was super nervous because I wanted everything to be perfect, but then I realized the conference only had men coming, so as long as there was food there it wouldn't matter what it was. It turned out really well!
Two weeks ago we were able to go boating with Jake's family. Jake's brother in law, Greg, bought a boat and was nice enough to take us all boating! I included pictures below. We went tubing the entire time, and I even got to drive the boat! It was cold for a little while, but after our bodies became numb it was perfect! Jake came back with a super sunburned face, and i only got sun on my nose. Jake's brother had a long sleeve shirt on the whole day, and when he took it off, it looked like he was wearing gloves because only his hands got sun....

Jake being the flag boy- whenever someone fell off the tube he had to put the flag up

me getting ready to get into the tube

Jake, his brother Danny, and Greg going out on the lake to try wakeboarding

This is Gavin (Greg's son)- everyone was trying to get his shirt off so he would go in the water, and he was screaming and fighting the whole time.

We have been spending some time fixing things up around the house. I decided I wanted to try potting plants, so I put some in the pot below the mailbox, and put some in pots on the front door step. I am super excited, because the plants have gotten bigger! I am actually able to keep plants alive! I planted some green onion and carrots in pots on the back doorstep, so we will see how those turn out...
This is the hosta planted beneath the mailbox- there are purple flowers on them now!

Plants on the front doorstep- obviously after I watered them

Jake putting up the shower curtain in the bathroom- you can't see it very well, but he had all of the hooks lined up at the top of his shorts
Life continues to be fun! We hope you are all doing well!