Tuesday, March 11, 2008

He's a Real-Live Cop!

So this weekend was full of lots of excitement! Jake finished his training with other officers (FTO's) and he started his first week on his own. Saturday night we went to SLC to go to his sister's play and then afterwards we picked his police car up from the precinct and drove it to his house. It was alot of fun riding in his car and seeing all the buttons and gadgets they have inside. I never realized how many things they have to have in their cars! I felt funny in normal clothes riding in a police car, but it was fun! I could tell that Jake loved it, because once we got back to his house he turned the sirens on for like one second and scared the heck out of me. We had dinner with some of our friends the next day at Jake's house and he got to show them his car which was lots of fun for everyone... I do have to admit that I like him being on his own because I get to talk to him more.
We have less than seven weeks before the wedding and I am getting super excited. I am excited for my classes to be over, the whole family to be together, and to go to vegas. We decided to see Phantom of the Opera and the Ka Cirque de Solei (sp?) shows. Does anyone have any other ideas of what to do? We want to do lots of different stuff! It is exciting to plan things and know that it isn't too far away.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Embarassing moments

*Giving dirty looks (on accident) to coworkers
*When my boss called my cell phone and I answered it with a super excited "HELLO!"
*When my boss brought me over a piece of cheesecake that looked like he had taken a couple bites out of it and he offered for me to have it and I gave him a dirty look and asked if he was serious, then he told me he had just dished it out and said he kind of messed it up getting it out

And Lastly- Listening to my Ipod and someone came up to ask me a question and I totally yelled because I didn't realize my music was turned up so loud

I think the guys in my office think I am crazy. No wonder when I ask for them to complete things they don't take me seriously because I am weird.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feeling a bit awkward

So after reading everyone's blogs lately and feeling like I am obsessively looking to see if anyone has updated pictures/posts I felt like I wanted to get in on the action. I haven't told Jake and feel weird about using his name as the blog title but oh well... I figure I will keep it up after we get married and then maybe he will give random comments.
I also see this as a place to post pictures, because it takes me forever to email pictures to people so it works out well. I decided to post a couple of our engagement pictures, only because I don't want everyone to see all of them because I am making a funny face in most of them. I am convinced it takes 100 pictures of me to find 1 good one. I am not good at taking pictures as shown in my recent ward directory picture where I looked like Gollam from Lord of the Rings with three pieces of whispy hair. When the guy came around to deliver them he looked at me and said "You don't have to worry about your picture, you're engaged". Ever since then I am constantly nervous that I am going to look like a whispy haired, hunch-backed little man from Lord of the Rings.
There aren't any new or exciting happenings going on, I am just feeling the pressure to get my stupid online class finished before April 4 so I can graduate on time. I guess one thing that I have realized this past week is that I should not have ever gotten a car. In the past month I have gotten a parking ticket, a boot on my tire, and a humongous crack in my windshield. I wish I could just take it back to the dealership. Anyways, enough of my ramblings.

P.S. I promise I will figure out how to put pictures in normally someday!