Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I went on my third skydiving trip yesterday. Usually on your third jump (and after the ground school) you can jump by yourself. NO WAY was I doing that. For one, I haven't taken the ground school, and two - i don't trust myself enough to jump by myself. So, I went tandem yesterday. I was able to have my own altimeter and pull the parachute. I was trained out to read my altimeter and pull the parachute about 20 minutes before we jumped. I was super nervous because I didn't want to mess up (of course the guy who i was strapped to could have taken over), but i did it! I did all the things I needed to do in order for us to pull the parachute in time. It was so fun! Learning how to do everything yourself makes it more fun than just hanging out being strapped to someone. If you haven't done it- you should do it! But remember to wear a cap because I didn't and my hair was a crazy mess and super tangley after we were done : )

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July Fun!

Fourth of July weekend was a fun one! On Friday, Jake's brother was married in the Draper Temple. It was a beautiful wedding, and it was fun to be with his whole family. It was an all day affair; with the wedding in the morning, luncheon, and then the reception that night. Katherine looked beautiful (and steve looked handsome) and it was fun to be at their wedding!

On the fourth, Jake and I had a lazy morning but then decided we needed to get out of the house and do something fun! The "Riverton Town Days" had been going on for a few days so we thought we'd walk down to the fairgrounds and check it out. On the way there we were talking about this ride called "the gravitron" that they used to have at the fairs when we were growing up. We talked about how awesome it was to ride it and how they probably don't have it anymore because it didn't even have anything to strap you in. (If you don't know what ride I am talking about, it is one that looks like a capsule - you walk in, and stand against these pads lining the wall. They shut the door and turn on the lights and then start spinning the capsule really fast. As you are spinning you get "stuck" to the pad and then you travel up and down the wall while you're stuck to the pad. Kids used to lay sideways and then fall onto the ground when the ride was slowing down = NOT SAFE). Anyways, we walked into the fair and to our amazement they had the gravitron! It wasn't called the gravitron - something different, but it was the same thing. That was the only ride we went on. We got in and rode it, and afterwards talked about how we could only ride it once because we felt like we were going to hurl. Not a good idea to drink slurpees right before going on it. After the gravitron we went on the tall slides where you sit on the potato sack. We raced, and of course Jake won. Seeing the slide gave me flashbacks to an amusement park we went to when I was little - King's Island. I went down the same slide and somehow skinned my arm on the slide and had to get ice for it. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but i'll let you in on a little secret: I was nervous to go on it when Jake and I saw it. After the rides we went to the pavillion and played bingo. There were tons of people there so we had to sit on the outside in the scalding sun. Of course I had a black shirt on, so I was super sweaty. Jake won one of the rounds and got a gift certificatae to Bajio. I wasn't as lucky...

After the fair we headed to Jake's grandparent's house for a bbq. It was fun to see his family again and eat lots of food! Happy Belated Fourth of July!

The fair - sorry, no picture of the awesome Gravitron

WARNING: I took these pictures from the photographer's website. I know they would probably get ticked if they saw this, so here is my citing:

Photos courtesy of Mike's Photo

THANK YOU VIC for the lovely edible arrangement. This came today for Jake in celebration of his "Officer of the Month". We both loved eating it for dessert! We've always talked about how awesome these are, so thanks!
"This is the first time anyone's ever sent me a real bouquet" (Jake)

On a different note: I was reminded of one of my pet peeves today. I'm sorry if this includes you, but why do people insist on sitting right next to eachother when you are driving? One person in the driver's seat, and then the other person in the middle seat right next to them, when there is NO ONE else in the car? I'm sorry, but that drives me nuts. I saw two people doing it today in a normal car. I don't think there was even a middle seat in the front, so she was probably sitting on a glove compartment. It is incredibly awkward and I don't see the point. If you like to do it- that's cool, just please don't ever ask me to join in.