Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Galore!

So my older sister Maureen was in charge of the Fall Festival at her son's school (the one in the Narnia outfit below). My sister Vic, my brother Mike, and I were able to go and help with whatever was needed. It was alot of fun! Vic and I took money for tickets the whole night, and we were surprised how busy we were! Vic dressed like a skeleton-it was seriously one of the creepiest things ever-and she even made a little girl cry because she was so scary! (she wasn't trying to scare her, she was actually being really nice). It was funny to see how all of the little kids would stare at her as they walked by. I was all prepared to put on a witch costume, but I didn't actually have time to put it on. Oh well-I guess I could wear it to work tomorrow, but I always feel stupid dressing up for work. We all had alot of fun and I feel sick from all the pizza, soda, and baked goods! It also makes me grateful that I chose to not go into elementary education-those kids are crazy!

Vic (skeleton), Austin (pirate?), Tyler (narnia character), and McKell (princess)

Creepy Skeleton

Jake wasn't able to go to the Fall Festival because he was working, but we have done some Halloween adventures of our own! We went to a cornmaze (yes, shaped like the American Idol guy, David Archuletta) at Thanksgiving point and did all the fun festivities! We went with our friends Tanner and Alli, and had a blast! Tanner and Jake decided to run ahead of us and try to scare us. They did it so many times that Alli and I decided to just run and finish the maze by ourselves and we would wait for them. Well we started running-with me in the front- and I wasn't watching where I was going and I tripped and slammed super hard into the ground. It was the funniest thing!-you had to be there I guess. They had lots of things for people to do-a small barn filled with hard corn kernels that you can bury people in, or have corn fights, a trampoline, little pedal karts, and a huge inflated monster that you walk through kind of like a haunted house. The inflated monster was super scary- especially when they all pushed me in front and it was pitch black and I was screaming because I couldn't see anything and ran into the walls. There really wasn't anything jumping out at you, but there was a random creepy girl who kept popping up in crazy places-that was the scariest part!

I will be celebrating my Halloween night with a night at home with my friend Shiloh. We will probably just watch a movie and make dinner, and pass out Halloween candy of course! Jake will be a cop for Halloween- and be at work dealing with all of the weirdos.

I forgot I had this random video, but thought it would be fun to watch. This is my brother mike dancing to some music. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our East Coast Trip!

Well we got back Monday night really late from our trip out to Connecticut. It felt like a super fast trip full of tons of fun stuff. We had things planned for everyday which made the trip go by really fast. Jon and Christy's little girls are the cutest things ever. We loved being with their little family and were sad to leave and come back to long days of work and normal life. It went by so fast! I think it would be easiest to go through the trip day by day, so I hope it's not too long!
Tuesday: we arrived around 3 pm and hung out with Christy, Riley and Melaina at their apartment and then when Jon came home we had dinner and played games.
Wednesday: Jon had school so it was the five of us again- we went shopping at a mall near their house and went to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. While we were eating lunch all of the power went out and we just kept eating and talked about how crazy it would be if the animals came alive when the lights went out ( like jumanji). The waitress brought us a glow stick which entertained Riley throughout the power outage. We couldn't get dessert because the power was out, so we left and did some more shopping and then went back to get dessert. I am sure they thought we were weird for going back after an hour of already eating there. After the mall we went to a state park and went for a walk in the woods. It was gorgeous and alot of fun!
Thursday: New York Day! We started off our morning really early with the train ride:It took about an hour and a half to get to NY from Hartford but it was fun to just sit and talk. There was also this weirdo guy stretching for almost the entire train ride. It was kind of funny. When we got to NY we went and saw all the touristy things: the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street(the gold bull), some old church, Empire State Building, Ground Zero, China Town, Little Italy, Times Sqaure and FAO Schwartz. View from the top of the empire state building

The Wall Street Bull - it's supposed to be good luck!

Jon, Christy and Melaina

This was outside some old church- i guess it was in National Treasure or Divinci Code ( I can't remember)Central park

FAO Schwartz- these were made out of Legos

Rockefeller Center-where they have the ice rink and the huge christmas tree- they were already getting the ice rink all set up

Friday: Boston. I think I liked Boston more than NYC. It still had the big city feel, but it wasn't as crazy. I thought it was alot of fun! We went on "the Freedom Trail" which is this red line that is painted on the ground and if you follow it you can see all the historic sites in Boston. We decided not to get a tour guide (they were men dressed in colonial clothes), and went on the trail ourselves. I am glad we did because we were able to stop and look at whatever we wanted. At the end of the day we got a big pizza and ate it in a park in the middle of the city. It was seriously one of the best pizzas I have ever had. Riley and Melaina ready for fun!

Some tour thing that takes you on land and on water...

One of the tour guides for the Freedom Trail

Saturday: Jake and I went to Six Flags in Springfield, Mass. It was alot of fun- they had it decorated for Halloween and we went through a haunted mansion. We made the mistake of going on the best ride first- Superman- and were dissapointed with all of the other rides. Next time we will have to save the best for last! Afterwards we went to dinner with Jon, Christy, Melaina and Riley to this place called Moes with really yummy mexican food.
Sunday: We all went for a hike in the same state park we went to on Wednesday. Before we got started I got hit by a car- It was the craziest thing! I was leaning against Jon and Christy's car while everyone else was getting the kids ready for the hike and all of a sudden I was pushed forward by the car- Some psycho old lady bumped the front of their car with her bumper (don't worry there was no damage) and I got hit by their bumper. It was super funny. This time we went on a non-paved hike and enjoyed all the fall colors and the trees. It reminded me of Michigan because it was so gorgeous and had so many trees! Afterwards we went to a little city Whethersfield and looked at all the scarecrows people had put out. It reminded me of all the cute little cities you see in the movies. It was alot of fun! Jake, Me and Melaina

Jon, Christy and Riley

Monday: We headed back to Utah.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Leaving on a jet Plane....

Well, we are off bright and early tomorrow morning to visit my brother, his wife and their two cute daughters in Conneticut. This trip could not come at a better time- we are both excited to not have to work for a whole week! We have lots of fun day trips planned- Rhode Island, New York City, and Boston. It will be great to get to spend some time with them! Not that I post all the time, but be looking for pictures from all of our fun adventures when we get back next week!