Friday, December 26, 2008

We have been having a very snowy christmas! It feels like it won't ever stop. There was one day I came home from work and couldn't get my car in the driveway because it was so snowy. I just parked my car halfway in the street and walked inside and made Jake get it in the garage. These pictures are from yesterday when jake was shoveling the snow...

Look at that form! = broken back in the future
He decided to build a wall up around the stairs going into the basement

We had a fun first christmas together - we opened gifts and then later in the day went over to have dinner with his family. It was fun to be with family on christmas! Christmas eve Jake was working, so I went up to my sister's house. Santa visited and her two boys loved it, but her girls were both screaming and crying. I wish I had pictures- but it was seriously hilarious.

Trying our stockings on..

We hope you had a merry christmas!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Spirit!

The past couple of weeks have been busy but fun! My friend Shiloh and I went to the Hogle Zoo one night to see the Zoo Lights. The whole zoo is full of lights and some lights in the shapes of animals. It was alot of fun to go around and look at everything! There weren't many animals out but we did get to see the penguins and go in the smelly reptile area. The zoo also got a new carousel...we stood in line to ride it, but didn't actually get to because we didn't realize you needed to buy special tickets. We felt like the biggest idiots ever.

I look like an old lady for the zoo lights

Shiloh rockin it out at the zoo lights

We had some friends over one night to play games but realized we didnt want to play any of the ones we already had, so we decided to open one of our christmas gifts (from santa) a little early. Jake got to open it, and you can tell that he was extremely excited.

This picture makes me laugh so hard...
he is just so excited!

classic christmas picture

sorry not much to say, but just wanted to share the pictures!