Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Decorating!

So I love the feel of fall. I don't know if it is the fact that because growing up in Michigan was absolutely gorgeous in the fall (the canopy of trees down the street when they were changing colors), or because the air just smells so good! I also like the fact that we can wear light jackets and cute scarves. I decided this past weekend that our house needed some fall decorations, so I took matters into my own hands. I went to Tai Pan in Sandy and spent about an hour and a half walking around and just thinking about what I could do. Now, I am not good at decorating by any means so it took me forever to pick out just a few items. I went home and cleaned the house and put up my decorations. I love sitting in a clean house (especially with fall decorations!). Here are a few pictures of what I could come up with:

Our fall colored pillows!

Pumpkins on the front porch

I promise these are fall colors (it looks a little christmasy)

I also tried to make the house smell like fall with this wax melter thing we have, but it didn't quite smell like fall. When Jake got home that night he said " it smells like a craft store in here". It reminds me of something my Dad might say...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two things I don't understand: poor sportsmanship and sagging pants.

Last night Jake had a softball game and I saw a great display of poor sportsmanship. While our team was in the outfield (know that jake's team is full of ward members and the bishop) the other team's 3rd base coach went crazy. I guess our third baseman made a comment to him
about whatever and the 3rd base coach went off. He was swearing like crazy and looking like he wanted to push the baseman and then Jake got up off the bench and told the guys to calm down and just play the game, but then the 3rd base coach yelled at Jake to "Tell YOUR team members to calm down and play...What are you doing up anyway? Shut up and sit down". I was sitting on the sideline watching this whole thing and I was getting fired up! I wanted to yell at the stupid guy for yelling at Jake. I had this whole thing set up in my mind how I would yell at him and then things would get so crazy that I would have to punch him in the face (a little extreme, i know). The Ump stood up and told everyone to shut up or he would call the game, so everyone went back and played. I couldn't believe how upset I had gotten. On the way out I saw the jerk walking out and i wanted to "accidentally" hit him really hard with my purse. I can't imagine how I am going to be when we have kids and someone says something mean to them. I told the guys at work about this today and one of them told me "watch out for mamma bear!" That's right!

Saggy Pants: What is the deal with these? Is this even comfortable? I went to get dinner tonight and while there a teenager was walking around with his pants around his thighs. He didn't even have a belt to hold them up. Do teenage girls find it attractive when guys have to walk with their legs spread so far apart, not able to bend their knees because their pants might fall down? I would think it would be harder to walk that way, but what do I know?

I went to a pampered chef party last week and realized I have a problem: I love to buy kitchen gadgets. Do I cook very often? No. I think I have a hope that if I stock my kitchen with fun gadgets I will want to cook more. I think I just find it hard to cook for two people. Then when Jake is working I find no point in cooking for myself and when I do I usually just make macaroni and cheese. Any suggestions? I know it will definitely help the waistline and wallet if we don't eat out so much...

Monday, September 15, 2008

We had the fun opportunity to have dinner with my friend Heather and her husband last night. Heather and I went to high school at the same time (different High schools) back in Michigan. It started out as a normal dinner, but of course it turned out to be a reminiscing party (for me and heather). I am sure our husbands felt like it was one of those times when old mission companions get together and talk about all of their old mission stories, except our involved my "jersey years", when I was obsessed with wearing basketball jersies in elementary school, and girls camp stories. I thought it was tons of fun and we laughed alot! I love hanging out with old friends. It is so much fun to remember fun things we did together and it just feels comfortable. I just hope our husbands will let us do more things together-even though we talked the whole time :)

Some fun memories we talked about last night:
  • When we were girls camp YCL's and one of the girls was made over by the other girls in our cabin with tons of blue eyeshadow and makeup and I didn't even recognize her. I was yelling for her and asking where she was when she was standing right in front of me.
  • Youth conference when we were given and orange to eat in the morning and then had to go all day hiking and doing different activities without eating anything and then we had a HUGE dinner and everyone got sick.
  • Going to Prom with boys who were brothers and then wearing our dresses and disgustingly hair sprayed "prom hair" to church the next day.
  • Jet skiing and having heather be pulled into the water by the neck from the rope that was attached to my tube.
There were alot more, but these were some of my favorites.

In other news, Jake started rifle school today, and I am sure he was VERY excited. He came in to say goodbye and was practically skipping :) Okay, not really, but he is excited to go. I am off to work and on my way will listen to the Mamma Mia soundtrack- vic you got me totally addicted! (if you don't own it, Go get it!)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Well things have been going really well. Nothing too exciting has been going on. We have both been working as usual and are excited for the upcoming weeks. Next week Jake is going to rifle training for work, so he gets to work from 8am-5pm Monday through Thursday. We will get to see each other everyday! I have been in a transition at work with moving into a new position, still doing my old tasks but adding on a whole new aspect of the technical side of email marketing. I am starting to learn HTML and CCS coding (totally geeky, I know) but I am really excited about it! I get to start learning how to build templates for emailing and webpage design, so it is a challenge.
Enough of boring work! We have both signed up to play sports in our ward. Tuesday nights are Jake's softball nights, Thursday nights are my volleyball nights, and Jake will start playing volleyball on Saturday mornings. It has been alot of fun going to Jake's games and watching him play! I promise to get pictures up soon!
We are heading out to CT to visit my brother and his family (Jon and Christy) at the beginning of october and are SUPER excited. It will be fun to go out there to visit them and see where they live! We all plan to make a couple day NYC and Boston and eat real seafood! It will be quite an adventure! We are counting down the weeks until then.
I realize I don't have much to say, but will post something better soon!

Although this does look like photo shop, these were actually stickers he put on his face

Vic brought us a suprise!

Showing off my sunglasses