Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Shin Dig

We had an ugly sweater christmas party tonight and it was tons of fun. The sweaters were the greatest part. I loved opening the door and seeing everyone show up with different sweaters on. Some people made theirs, and some were able to find some in stores. I found mine at walmart - the classic christmas vest with snowflake turtle-neck underneath. Jake made his. It was great! We had a big christmas dinner, complete with Ham and the fixins'. We played a few games - pictionary with the names of christmas songs, and a few minute to win it games. Of course the girls dominated. It was fun and I think we might even venture to do it again next year! It was great to see everyone. Mike and Amy won the prizes for best sweaters - I think Mike's vest and bow won everyone over. Merry Christmas!

Shiloh's festive sweatshirt!

The Grand Prize Winners!

Tanner and Allie

Kim and Kent - ken had a beautiful design with fluffy pon pons on his sweater