Friday, May 23, 2008


Since I haven't really said anything much, I thought I would post pictures of the latest things that have been going on. I will just put a short caption under each one, so you know where it is from....

This is us lookin' good on our honeymoon taking a gondola ride in the Venetian

This is me being really excited to get onto the gondola...can't you tell?

Jake in M&M World, I made him stand with the yellow one because yellow and red are friends (the M&M's) and he was in a red shirt... he was really excited about that...

Jake touching some random ocean animal at the shark reef in Mandalay Bay

BYU graduation- I don't know who is more excited, me or my dad?

Me and both my parents

Me, Jake, and Jake's parents (at graduation of course :) )

I will be getting wedding pictures tomorrow, so look for that update! I will try to keep up on the blog!! I hope you are all doing well!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wonderful Married Life!

Well we have been married about one and a half weeks. It has been incredibly fun! The wedding went well, all except for the photographer not showing up, but my friend Andrea saved the day and took lots of pictures. We should have some from other friends, as well as from our families, so overall we should have alot of good ones! I had a problem during our engagement pictures in that I kept making weird faces so we only had a couple to choose from, but after looking at the wedding pictures jake's parents took, jake told me that I did a good job not making too many weird faces. So A+ for me!
Our reception turned out really well, with my family putting up decorations and refilling food and everything. Everyone did an amazing job, and it turned out great! It was fun to have lots of people and see old friends. So I can't think of lots of details of the wedding and everything, so I am going to give just a couple highlights I can remember:
* Going through the temple to receive my endowments and having friends and family there.
* Getting a speeding ticket on my way home from Jake's the night I went through the temple- I was even completely honest extremely nice and he still gave me a ticket!
* Graduation from BYU Friday morning and making a comment to the girl next to me about one of the faculty members looking like she was from Harry Potter, and the girl looked at me like I was an idiot.
* Jake and I rushing through Costco like maniacs trying to get all the food for the reception so we could make it in time to the family/friend dinner that night.
* Parking at the Dinner being insane, so everyone parked in random spots (sad for the people wearing high heels- not fun)
* The night before the reception we had a huge fruit/vegetable cutting party with my family at my sister's house. We ripped through that stuff so fast! It was seriously amazing, and everyone helped
* The morning of the wedding I got incredibly nervous and I was hyperventilating while packing my temple bag- seriously weird.
* During the sealing my hands were the sweatiest they have ever been in my life. I was so nervous and boiling hot.
* The sealer seeing jake and i for the first time and telling us we were a good looking couple, and then looking at jake and saying "you are very good looking"
* The sealer being serious during the whole ceremony and then saying "to infinity and beyond" at the end.
*Walking out the temple doors to no photographer, but friends and family taking millions of pictures.
*trying to coordinate pictures when we had millions of people was kind of crazy!
* jake and I eating at Carl's Junior right after the pictures were over, and then running up to my sister's to get ready for the reception.
* Seeing friends I haven't seen for a while during the reception
* My dad bringing me a drink during the reception in case I was thirsty- I thought it was super cute
* Randy and Vic kicking me and jake out and not letting us talk to anyone once the reception was over

These were just a couple things that stick out to me- I will be getting pictures up soon hopefully! thanks for everyone who helped, we really, really appreciate it! You are all wonderful and made the wedding and reception so much fun!