Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stinkin' Punk Kids...

before you read this, please know that everyone is safe and i would have not been so upset if someone had actually been hurt....

Last night was quite an experience. Jake had just left for work, I was settling in bed watching the great "gilmore girls" when all of a sudden I heard a crazy crash outside. I thought it was a garbage truck (it sounded like a garbage truck slamming it's crane down), but to my suprise I opened the blinds to see this: (click on the pic if you want to see a larger version)

the boy in the cast was NOT in the accident - he is our neighbor and I have no idea what happened to his leg.

sorry about the fuzzy picture - i'm not the best photog

That's right - there is a random car flipped on it's side, slammed into Jake's car. Jake's car was parked on the street when somehow the white car flipped over and totaled both cars. So, I ran outside the house and first came to a lady who was on her cell phone with 911 screaming at me to tell her my address. After I said it about 10 times I ran up to the scene and saw the two punk kids climb out of the driver's side window. I guess at first the driver was knocked out for a minute, but then came to and was fine. He just had a small cut on his hand, and the other kid was fine. After I saw them jump out, i ran inside to call jake and tell him to come home. Of course I didn't know how to handle my emotions and started crying the second I heard his voice. He turned around to come home.

I don't want to go into all the crazy details because I start remembering how ticked off I was, but i will tell you a few key facts:

  1. The two punk kids claimed that someone cut them off and they had to swerve out of the way, thus slamming into Jake's car. The two witnesses both stated that there were no cars that cut them off. (how would this happen anyways when we live in a neighborhood where no one can drive fast on the street because there are speed bumps?)
  2. The mom of the driver was explaining to Jake how it was sad that this happened because the kid had just gotten his car out of the shop a couple days ago after a "hit and run accident" ( i guess the guy who hit him ran off because he didn't have insurance or something). To say the least I was not feeling one bit sorry for the car or about the money he spent to "supe" his car up.
  3. The punk kids called all their friends and probably every family member to come check out the damage. Once again - I was not amused. By the time their car was towed away i think there were 40 friends and family who came to "check out the damage"
  4. After Jake's car was towed away and the white car flipped back on it's wheels, the punk driver proceeds to say "Hey guys (announcing to all of his crowd) you wanna see $10k down the tubes?", then opens his hood for all to admire his "stellar" engine or whatever is under there. - once again not amused.
It stinks, but at least no one was hurt. Once again, as in probably every crazy situation, I was the one in hysterics and Jake was extremely calm. It must be that police training. I was about ready to throw some punches once I found out everyone was okay. It was nice to have our neighborhood come out to make sure everything was okay (also to investigate what had happened), and our neighbors help me and jake get everything out of the car and make sure everything was taken care of. It's nice to know that people are there to help. I think Jake's favorite thing about this whole situation is that he can now look for a truck! Oh the joys of car shopping...

Side note - the car was driving down the street the opposite direction it is facing in these pictures. It was driving the same direction Jake's car is faced. So spin, flip, and whatever else it had to do to get into this situation.

On a random note - i know you are all wondering, but I haven't eaten ANY french fries since my last post about Hawaii!

Monday, April 20, 2009

After Jake and I went shopping for new clothes for me tonight I left with nothing. Shopping for clothes always makes me sad. I decided I need to take slow steps to make shopping happier for me! Jake made a bet with me and I HAVE to follow through! If I don't eat french fries for a year (which are my all time favorite thing, besides diet coke) we will go to Hawaii, either on a cruise or trip, for our second anniversary! Starting today I cannot eat ANY french fries. Wish me luck! Hawaii here I come! (in a year)...

Monday, April 13, 2009

So i was looking at the Martha Stewart site, as I so often do when i am trying to not go to sleep, and came across some asparagus recipes. I clicked on the link and flipped through lots of recipes and it made me think... I remember when I was little and I absolutely hated certain vegetables. I hated tomatoes (still to this day - except for in salsa i LOVE them), broccoli, asparagus, green beens, basically anything green that was cooked. I hated steamed vegetables and would always pick them out of anything we had for dinner.

Times have changed....It is funny how tastes change. I now like things that i used to hate eating. I love spinach (not cooked) and like eating roast. I also suprisingly branched out and now love eating some cooked vegetables. I have my sister to thank for the asparagus. She is an amazing cook and can make anything taste good. She made asparagus with mozzarella on it and I LOVED it. Thank you Maureen! I also like it because it can make any meal feel fancy. Just look at this asparagus...doesn't it just scream fancy?

One other thing I discovered I like is edamame. I tried it first when I was at a business lunch and we went to Happy Sumo. Everyone wanted tons of sushi to share between all of us (I do not like sushi or the smell of fish for that matter), so i ate a lunch of edamame. It is the tastiest thing ever. It is the best when you have lots of salt on it, and pop the little soy beans in your mouth...yummy! I introduced it to jake a couple weeks ago when we went to Pei Wei. And the other day i found some in the store! If you haven't ever had any, you definitely should try it.

I know this is a random post, but it's just my thoughts for the night. I have some other fun things to post about later- our trip to vegas, more indoor skydiving, and a fun weekend backyard tilling adventure. But for now, I thought I'd leave all you working people out there with a thought I came across tonight....