Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some Good Old Home Renovation...

Well, I am finally putting some pictures up of what we have been working on lately. This project was started on a whim - Jake and I were bored one night and he asked if I wanted him to just take the fireplace down. I said yes, so that night we (mostly Jake) ripped down the fireplace. Here's what it looked like before:

During the process of tearing it down:

Yes, it was incredibly dusty and everything was dusty for days even after I cleaned everything multiple times.

With a LOT of help painting from this lovely lady:

and alot of hard work and persistence, we come out with our fireplace looking like this:

Doesn't it look super updated and beautiful? Jake did an awesome job! Now I just have to find some things to decorate it....That's the fun part!

We are getting ready to do our outside projects with the nice weather coming. On our to do list:
  1. Fix sprinklers in the backyard
  2. Put up a fence around our yard
  3. Plant grass in the backyard
  4. Landscape (trees,bushes, flowers, etc) around the perimeter of the backyard
Wish us luck! We hope to get everything done, but everyone knows how long it takes to do things, especially outside :)