Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm Back!

I am sure whoever reads this (if anyone) is very sad that I was gone for so long. Let me tell you, I feel like my life is boring and I have nothing to talk about. Here's how my days go:

  1. Wake Up (and all the morning ritual stuff - shower, eat, etc)
  2. Go to work
  3. Go Home and eat dinner
  4. Go to bed
  5. Wake up and do it again

My life sounds awesome.

I want to get back into the blogging scene, so I thought I'd just throw up a bunch of pictures i had on my phone and tell you what's going on - this will kind of sum up a little of what we've been doing lately.

Our fence is up! It was put up in the fall, but I'm finally posting one little picture of it. I love it. I especially love that I don't have to see all of our neighbor's garbage in his carport!

My parents were visiting my sister in New Mexico, and my other sister's family was there for the weekend, so I told Jake I wanted to go down and see everyone. I decided to drive myself down there and stay for a few days. I thought it would be cool to take pictures of the different state signs, but i didn't think about it until the way back. So that's why New Mexico is first.

Obviously I passed through Colorado....

Back in Utah! I think I listened to the Wicked Musical sound track 5 times both ways. I have most of the songs memorized....Jake would have wanted to strangle me if he was on this trip!

We went to Roswell. These are just a few pictures of the lovely displays they had in every window. There wasn't much to see, but it was fun! We even went to a museum. It had an entrance fee, but it shouldn't have. It was like a bad high school science project.
I remember the guy at the ticket counter asked me how old I dad said "we're all adults here." I thought that was funny.

Mom enjoying a coke with the alien.

I thought this was kind of interesting. I am sparing you the picture of the plastic alien we saw wearing lingerie. We couldn't stop laughing.

I drug my friend shiloh to a thing called "so you think you're a witch". It was a competition between a bunch of ladies dressed and acting like witches. They were competing for a chance to be the best witch. The winner and her two runner-ups did the "breakfast with a witch" program for kids to eat breakfast with them. It had potential, but Shiloh and I both felt awkward.

They brought an actual llama on stage. I thought that llama was going to have a heart attack. He had to walk up a few stairs, and he was not doing so well.

In October we went to visit our fun friends Brandon and Chelsea in California. I have more pictures on the digital camera - so those will come later. We had so much fun with them. We did the grand tour of San Diego, Sea World, LDS Visitor's Center, and the Ocean. They taught us how to boogie board (i am probably not even saying the right thing). Jake of course was awesome at it, and I was suffering from salt in the eyes. I didn't think I was going to be able to see after being in the ocean.

Brandon and Jake Boogie Boarding

Jake and I were able to go to the Jazz Vs. Heat basketball game. We were VERY lucky to have AWESOME connections with some very generous family members :) I enjoyed my hot pretzel and nacho cheese. The game was also fun..

I love March. I love Shamrock Shakes. McDonalds makes me happy.

This last picture is of an awkward situation I saw at our subway. I don't like this. Its weird. That's all.

I will be back to post more things! We went on a cruise at the beginning of February, that i'll post about later. Of course I had good intentions of taking lots of pictures, but I took seriously like 5. I'll just steal some pictures from our friends so it looks like I took more.

We're also working on our basement - the bathroom is down to studs and the bedrooms are ready to be re-textured and painted! Exciting things all around!


K.E.N said...

You don't stand like that with your husband in public? You are seriously behind the times...everybody's doing it.

Evan and Holly said...

I'm so glad you are back. Seriously, this is the only way I know what is going on with my friends. I've driven by your house several times and always think of you. I'm glad things are very exciting, but didn't you miss the school part of your schedule? Where are you working now?

Love you!!

Dara said...

I'm sorry, it's been so long since you've posted, that I don't even know who you are didn't even post pictures of yourself! Gosh, haahahahaha i miss you so muchhhh, you were the coolest roommie everrr. Thanks for posting because your posts make me laugh

Chelsea said...


Thank you for all of the alien photos. They are pretty much my favorite.

I cannot wait to see pictures of the cruise!

We miss you guys! Hopefully we can come see you sometime in the summer.

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so cute!

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