Friday, July 1, 2011

Simple Things

Just a few...

We got a new refrigerator/freezer. I LOVE CRUSHED ICE. I seriously have about 6 or 7 glasses full of crushed ice with water everyday. I don't know how I lived so long without this. Our old fridge was fun - you could open the doors, and if things were placed right, condiments would fly off the shelves on the door - most of the arms were broken. I also love that this new one is black - it makes everything look much more up to date, and makes me want to work on my kitchen cabinets (big project I will tackle someday!)

I love having a garage door opener that works. The battery for the opener in my car was slowly dying over the course of a few weeks, but of course I was too lazy to figure out that the battery needed to be changed. Everyday for a few weeks i would pull out of the garage slowly and push the button as many times as I could to try to get the door to close. I finally got ticked when I had to get out of my car a few days to walk up to the garage and actually push the button. Talk about lazy, but its not so comfortable climbing in and out of my car lately. We got a new battery for it, and I realized how much I like it.

We have GRASS! We can walk in the backyard without shoes! I don't have razor-blade weeds stabbing my feet! We had new sprinklers and sod installed, and it is like a beautiful grassland in our backyard! Eventually we will plant trees/bushes/beautiful flowers, but for now the grass is AMAZING! I've never been so excited to see grass in my entire life.

My body is the same shape as the grinch's body. Everytime I look in the mirror and see my growing belly, I feel like I look like Jim Carrey in The Grinch...Just without all the green hair.

I miss going to the lake. I miss being able to ride my bike to a lake that was 20 minutes away. I talked to my brother today and we both talked about how we miss the lakes in Michigan. The picture is of Higgins Lake - the lake we went to all the time growing up. I miss being able to swim in nice, clean water. I miss going to the lake all day. I miss looking for seashells. I miss seeing fish swimming around your feet and ankles. I miss playing teeter-totter on a big blow up tube with my brothers. I miss spending all day at the beach and then going to church the next day and everyone would say "Oh, the Ryders went to the beach yesterday" as they look at our sunburned faces.

We only have 3 more months! I am excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. There is so much to do, and I am feeling like I'm in crunch mode. I feel like the summer is going by way too fast. He will be here before we know it.


April said...

So excited to see you tonight!

Ali said...

Mary!! I am so excited for you! Can't wait to meet your mr.

sherri said...

I just about die laughing when I look at the picture of the Grinch. You would never look like that but the idea is hilarious! You crack me up I love you so much!

Victoria said...

1. You are weird for liking creepy fish nibbling at your feet, instead of trying to stomp them.

2. I cannot believe you cut all memories out of me and you, at the lake. Sad.

3. Forget the Grinch--bring on the Shrek body!!

Love you!

PS THANK YOU for not posting sonogram pictures. I wouldn't be able to check your blog again.

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