Friday, September 16, 2011

He's finally here!

Scott Royal Nattress
September 11, 2:04 pm
7 lbs. 2.8 oz, 19 inches

We found out little Scott was breech at our 36 week appointment. Our doctor told us we had a few options - we could schedule a version (where the doctor tries to force the baby to move by pushing on the outside of my stomach) and hope that he flips, schedule a c-section for him to be born during the 39th week, or just hope he flips and if he does, go through everything like normal. Jake and I decided to wait a week and see if Scott would flip, and if not we would go ahead and schedule the version.

During that 36th week I did some research online and found some ways that help to flip a breeched baby. I had a few nights of sitting at a diagonal with my hips propped up on pillows, frozen broccoli sitting on top of the top of my belly, and headphones with music playing placed on the bottom of my belly to try to get him to move. I did each one separately, and also all at once to see if that would work. I told myself not to get my hopes up that he would flip, but of course I secretly thought he had flipped.

At our 37th week appointment we had another ultrasound and saw that he was still breech. I was disappointed but Jake and I both felt good about going ahead and trying the version. We went in the next morning at 7 am to perform the flip. We sat in the hospital room for 2 hours, until the doctor came in and told us he wasn't able to perform it because too many women had come in to have their babies, and there weren't enough nurses to help with everything. We rescheduled the version for Sunday, and scheduled the c-section for right after, if the flip didn't work.

Jake and I went out for a yummy dinner Saturday night and both talked about how we felt like it was going to end up in a c-section either way, but we both felt guilty if we didn't try the version. So Sunday morning we got up and went in (good thing I packed my hospital bag just in case). The doctor came in to perform the version and it was PAINFUL. I had multiple people tell me that it would be painful, and a few other people tell me it wouldn't be painful at all. The ones that told me it wasn't painful actually had a successful version. The doctor felt around for Scott's head and feet, and then took both of his hands and started pushing. I felt like my insides were being ripped apart. I was squeezing the nurse's hand so hard and felt bad, but not bad enough to stop. The doctor tried to flip him one way, and decided it wasn't going to work, and then tried the other way. After the second try, the doctor took a break for a minute and then Jake told him we would be okay with the c-section. The doctor told us he didn't think Scott was going to flip anyways, so he went off to get everything ready for the c-section.

We were scheduled to go into the operating room at 1 pm, but it took a little longer because the anesthesiologist needed to give another woman an epidural. We probably ended up getting in there about 1:30ish, and Scott was born at 2:04. The whole process went by so fast, and was easier than I thought it would be. I was given a spinal block (basically the same thing as an epidural) and couldn't feel anything. It was the weirdest feeling! I was given the shot in my spine, and then my legs got really tingly and then all of a sudden they were dead weight. Jake and the doctor had to move my body and lay it down on the bed. The doctor then took ice and rubbed it on my stomach, asking if i could feel the coldness. I couldn't feel it! I was so glad it had worked - you hear all of those horrible stories about people being able to feel everything, but I didn't feel a thing!

The doctor went ahead and cut into me. He didn't tell me what he was doing, and I really appreciated it. The anesthesiologist and Jake both kept me preoccupied by asking questions and feeding me ice chips. The anesthesiologist told me he would give me an ice chip for every question I answered correctly. He only asked me 2 questions, then handed the cup over to Jake, but it kept me thinking about other things than the surgery.

It was an amazing experience. The doctor did an amazing job with the c-section, and I was actually able to get up and walk around the next day. We were actually able to leave the hospital after two days because we were doing so well - when a lot of people who have c-sections actually stay for 3-4 days. It has only been 6 days and I am doing really well! I haven't had much pain, and I am amazed at how quickly I have been recovering! We just love our little Scott, and are so excited he's here!

Grandma Nattress came to visit us!

Our friends had their baby boy three days before we did. Jake and Tanner with their little boys Scott and Mason.

Scott and Mason